Giza — The Confederation of African Football (CAF) Centre in Cameroon hosted two refresher courses from April 1-5 (for Anglophones) and from April 7 to 11, 2012 (for francophones). The CAF academy is situated in Mbankomo in the outskirts of Yaoundé , capital of Cameroon. The ultra-modern complex, situated some 20 kilometers from the urban centre .

25 trainees of English speaking countries and 35 of French speaking countries attended the refresher course last April, organized by CAF with instructors from 45 countries from all the zones of the continent. The two groups took turns at the Mbankomo excellence centre, starting with Anglophones who had instructors in the likes of Hussein Abdel Momeim (Sudan) and Benjamin Kouffie (Ghana) and  Belhassen Mallouche (Tunisia). Meanwhile the Francophones came later with instructors such as Dominique Niyonzima (Burundi) and Ulric Mathiot (Seychelles) and  Dominique Wansi (Cameroon). Within five days, the trainees were lectured on the role of a CAF instructor, the training programme of coaches and the environmental evolution of football. “We learnt a lot; the course was particularly refreshing with regards to the capacity of transmitting knowledge,” most of the trainees told Jean-Jacques Ombi of Central Africa, Diarra Sidiki of Burkina Faso, John Kaputa of Malawi, Raphael Nzamba of Gabon, Moussa Khasoum of Mauritania all expressed satisfaction with the training.

According to Mavimbela of Swaziland, football coach since 2000, “African football is witnessing tremendous growth. It needs homogenous technicians and that can be gotten through learning all the modules of modern coach”. Upon return to his country, Mr. Mavimbela says he hopes to, with the help of his country’s national technical department; organize courses for local coaches seeking category B license (in July) and category C license (in October). “The knowledge acquired here at the CAF academy in Yaoundé will permit us to put in place a domestic programme for the training of coaches,” he said further.

The refresher course aimed at training instructors who would subsequently train coaches and trainers in their respective zones and countries. The best among them will be solicited to be part of the panel of CAF trainer of trainers.

Hussein Abdel Moneim: « The quality of the training is promising” The Director of football development at CAF assesses the two refresher courses.

Who were the target of this continental refresher course and what was the content of the training?

The Refresher course was focused on CAF coaches and instructors who have already undertaken previous trainings in order to obtain different coaching licenses issued by the Confederation of African Football. From here, the participants (23 Anglophones and 32 francophones) will be in charge of organizing workshops in their countries or in other countries, supervising candidates to obtain the category B and C coaching licenses. This is because CAF’s main aim is to train as many licensed coaches in Africa as possible. In this regard, workshops and seminars are insufficient. These types of intensive courses are thus necessary.

Are you satisfied with the present course being organized at the CAF academy in Mbankomo- Yaoundé ?

I am very satisfied. First the staff is happy about such a meeting. I pay tribute to CAF president, Mr. Issa Hayatou for putting in place this wonderful project of building CAF academies, which have already gone operational in three African capital cities: Yaoundé in Cameroon, Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and Dakar in Senegal. The facilities we found here in Mbankomo-Yaounde were beyond our expectations. It has comfortable high standing accommodation. The academy has three football pitches, with two synthetic pitches and one natural grass. This magnificent structure thus facilitated a fantastic course.

And considering the reinvigoration of participants, we are convinced that the quality of our future licensed coaches is promising. We have had here great quality training in Africa, coaches that have had a long experience and who are ready to transmit their knowledge in their position as CAF instructors.

What is the task for the just trained instructors, having benefited from a CAF refresher course?

Besides the theoretic and practical sessions, the participants received didactic materials such as DVDs and more teaching guidelines. With this material, they are tasked to go and organize training sessions in their countries and zones for coaches and educators wishing to obtain licenses. They will also continue to exchange knowledge with other CAF instructors. It will be a continuous

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