Pedro de Nobriga, who hails from South Africa could not detach from sharing the African spirit of onesses and joined Cameroon National Team during their training in Surrey ahead of the Fifa Women’s World Cup, Canada 2015. While Pedro is happy to have learnt from Cameroon’s goalkeeper Coach Assimba Clement how to prepare for a high level competition among others, he provides insights to the challenges of goalkeeping. For him the Lionesses can create surprises if the play the African aggressive soccer style.

Kila Jisi interview Pedro for Read Exerpts

Who is Pedro de Nobriga?
I am from Africa, a South African, played for the South African Junior team, professional for Sundance and Morocco Swallows, Portugal and Holland- Maritim). I moved to Canada in 2003 but, soccer is not so big so I run a goalkeeping programme (number one)in Vancouver, the best so far, which teaches young children how to be goalkeepers. A lot of goalkeepers from my school have gone to professional clubs.

You have been here for these few days, what made you to come join the training of the Cameroon Team?

I am from Africa and love Africa so, when Cameroon came I wanted to learn new things from different coaches and Coach Assimba Clement agreed I could join and has been a big help. He has taught me different aspects of goalkeeping.

So concretely what have you learnt?

Basically that this is the World Cup, no messing around, the players have to perform 100 percent overtime and not below, for a mistake has an immediate cash reward, everything has to be 100 percent effort intensity.

Do you find the training of goalkeepers so intensive?

Yes and also Coach Assimba Clement is very strict, everything has to be right and in a game situation so that when they get to the real game it would the same thing, so there is no room to come and joke around.

Are the Cameroon goalkeepers leaving up to their billing when you observe their training?

Yes, Ngo Ndom Annette is good, also Enyegue Regine Flore, Mbororo Thecle still needs a bit of work and some details.

If there is some advice to help the goalkeepers ameliorate what would that be?

They should never give up, sometimes the day is not good, but, keep going and tomorrow it will get better. Coach Clement is one of the best goalkeeper coaches I have met and I have trained with quite a few coaches, he is always observing to see what is wrong to fix and loves his work, this makes goalkeeper coaching fun.

What is the biggest challenge in goalkeeping?

For me, people in Canada do not understand the goalkeeping career, they think they are like any other players. It is a specific position that needs specific coaching. So I am trying to change that way of thinking for them to realize that for goalkeepers to be better there is need for a goalkeeper coaching.

What are some aspects that make goalkeepers the best?

Height, you have to be tall, aggressive, good with the hands, and the feet this was not required in the olden days but now the goalkeeper has to be out of the 18m box.

Is goalkeeping changing with technology?

Yes goalkeeping is changing, before if a goalkeeper wasn’t fit, you just put him to stand there, but now they have to be very fit, read the game, be forward, play with the feet, there are lots of videos on youtube, but the goalkeeper still has to know his responsibility. There is more on the internet but experience like with Coach Clement counts a lot.

After watching for some days what do you think of the team ahead of the World Cup?

In the previous years I have seen the Canadian ladies team and nobody knows what Cameroon is like, i think it is good they have nothing to lose and if they play the African soccer style, which is aggressive with speed, they can do well.

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