By Etienne Mengjo Mainimo

It was exactly 11:02 am this Tuesday morning, May 2, 2015 that the Extra-ordinary General Assembly of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) kicked off at Mont Febe Hotel in Yaounde.

Of the 105 delegates of the 2009 General Assembly expected for this conclave, only 93 answered present with seven absentees, including two represented , Iya Mohammed, former president imprisoned for alleged misconduct and managements to SODECOTON where he was also the CEO. The other three are dead.

Opening the extraordinary meeting, Prof. Joseph Owona called for fruitful dialogue as Ebenezer Mouloké opened the activities of the Assembly by reading the meeting declaration receipt signed by the Sub divisional officer of Yaoundé 2.

Two mean items on the agenda of the special meeting including the review and adoption of the statutes of FECAFOOT and the Electoral Code.

After this phase, journalists were ask to leave the room for further work as scheduled in the agenda. Talking to the press during break, Luc Assamba one of the delegate said there is change in perspective.

“It is going very well. As in all meetings, discussions are removed. Prof. Owona tried to play as moderator drawing attention of everyone on the fact that we must work to find solutions to the problems of our football. Proposals were made by participants who wish to make some corrections. And we’re debating on old corrections. It’s not easy, to come up with quality texts for a quality football. Professor Owona himself said at the beginning there were some problems because people are fighting for their own interests and that’s what complicated the management of the Federation. We must therefore develop a structure for the privileged players to play football and that these actors can freely decide for the general interest of our football and our country. A group was formed to bring a special touch in relation to certain items. We are now thinking “.

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