By Basil Afoni
The Southwest Regional League will commence on May 10, 2015.

The decision was taken in Buea, on Monday May 27, during a meeting between the Southwest Normalisation Committee headed by Barrister Tanjong Ashutantang and Southwest Regional League clubs headed by Protus Nouck.

It was the first meeting between both parties since the appointment of members of the Southwest Normalisation Committee.

After listening to some problems from the Southwest clubs Presidents, especially that of the omission of the Region from the 2014 World Cup booties, it was agreed that the league will commence on May 10, 2015.

Speaking after the meeting, Barrister Ashutantang said the objective of the meeting was for his Committee to familiarise itself with the stakeholders of Southwest football and that it was also an opportunity for them to decide on when the League will commence, number of pools and also the identity of clubs.

On his appraisal of the meeting, he was positive about the outcome. “We had wonderful deliberations, although voices were raised at one point regarding the identity of teams. All the teams that ended the League last year will have to come back and there are also some teams that were not there last season but are knocking on our doors to be included in the Championship. We will have to see into that,” Barrister Ashutantang stated.

According to him, the Southwest is almost ready as 17 clubs have affiliated and deposited money for their licenses.

He however, said the only problem is that of some clubs like Botafogo who have not taken part in the championship for two consecutive seasons and Skirpodev that abandoned the League last year and have returned this year.

“The greatest problem was that of some teams like; CUIB FC, Mamou FC that did not play the championship last year, but have paid their money to participate in the Division II Championship.

Speaking on some problems faced by Southwest clubs, Nicholas Asongu of the University of Buea FC said clubs are forced to spend more than what they budgeted in order to keep the players.

He was corroborated by Barnabas Njoku of Buea United FC who decried the fact that Southwest Regional League clubs have not benefited from the 2014 World Cup booties like their Littoral counterpart and other Regions.

He further noted that the subvention they are demanding for will help them motivate their players physically and morally.

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