Volker Finke’s contract as Cameroon head coach comes to an end. For his captain Stephane Mbia, the coach must stay in office. The Midfielder is certain that the German is the best person to lead the Indomitable Lions to the African Cup of Nations in 2017.

RFI: Stéphane Mbia, the contract of coach of the Cameroon team comes to an end. Would you like Volker Finke to continue to lead the Indomitable Lions in qualifying for the 2017 African Cup of Nations?

Stéphane Mbia: For me, it is obvious. After the failure at the World Cup, Cameroon embarked on a reconstruction plan. It went through a change of mentality and the renewal of the workforce to 95%. I totally agree with the idea that he continue with this group he is creating.We must remember that we lost one game during the CAN 2015 against Côte d’Ivoire, the tournament winner. For me it is obvious that he continues.

Is Volker Finke the man for the job for you?

Very much so. I repeat. One game we lost this season. Against Côte d’Ivoire, in that game, at that time, there was a lack of experience. Many young people were discovering the Afcon. It was not obvious.I think that by 2017, the young players would have gained enough experience to be assertive in the next Afcon.

Volker Finke seems to be very unpopular in Cameroon. Is this is a problem, the unpopularity?

(He hesitates) You know, there are not many coaches who have an excellent relationship with the Cameroonian press. There is a particular context in Cameroon. The press reflects the enthusiasm of Cameroon for the national team. It is not always obvious.

The fans also seem to have a bad opinion of Volker Finke.Is it not too difficult to take such situation?
It’s a bit difficult. As I said, the press reflects the passion of the fans. They expect results. In the past, we were excellent. They want the same thing. We saw this during the playoffs (AFCON 2015). The fans were disappointed that we did not continue on this path there. […]

What do you think of Cameroon’s group for the Afcon 2017 qualifiers with South Africa, Mauritania and Gambia?

This is a difficult group. The level of most African teams has increased again. For me, it will be hard…

And so you stand to be the captain who guides these young players at the next Afcon?

(He laughs) I’m a relay between the manager and my teammates. I think the most important thing is to look good on the ground.


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