The Olympic Gold Medalist (2000), is frustrated by his non-selection to the Indomitable Lions, when he again became number one goalkeeper in his club (Malaga – Spain). A condition imposed on him by the current coach of Cameroon. Idriss Carlos Kameni again became first choice keeper in Malaga FC Spanish first division club. After a season on the bench in the same club, he won the confidence of the leaders of his club. His lack of playing time, argument used by the coach Volker Finke, saw him sidelined from the national team. The German coach Volker Finke indicated at the 2014World Cup by selecting only the starting players in clubs. Carlos Kameni believes that he merited a spot in the lions den. He said on “Sport +” edition on this Friday, April 24, on CRTV.

On his tenure in Malaga

“In all that we do, we need confidence. I came to a team that already had pre-established roles. I just need the confidence of the coach that I did not have. We had to keep working. With the change of coach, I was rather smiling. So my faith, I am delighted! ”

On the competition with Guillermo Ochoa

“ I think football is a matter of competition. And it is this competition that makes it grow. I had many opportunities during the holidays, I refused because the leaders had made me understand that they have confidence in me and that I should hold on. It is true that by learning about the signing of Guillermo, it was not very good news especially after the world which he was fantastic at. But anyway, the realities of football are on the ground. I continued to work knowing that if I showed what I am capable of, I could have the confidence of the coach.

On his non-selection for the national team

“Beyond one’s word, I do not go into the game with controversy. I have always respected the choice of coaches, either at a selection or a club. I always concentrated on what is my work. You know? They say the word is golden. When you say something try to respect it. I was told about playing time, in the situation where I was not clear (…). The best are invited. If we start from the principle that those who play in clubs must be called, there is no problem. If Kameni is not playing, you summon those playing. But if you say Kameni is not playing, we do not call him, and you summon others who are not also playing, then there is a problem. I do not want to disrespect my teammates. But we also look at the quality of the championship. I am in Malaga, in the first division, I do not play. Yes. There are those who were invited and were in the second division and who did not play. This means that there is something wrong.

About his age

” I think that Cameroon is the only country where we talk about old age rather than form. In Europe you have Buffon who is 37 years old and is the captain and goalkeeper of the Italian team. The Italian team is also full of players who areh over thirty and I’ve never heard of a matter of age at that level. Here in Europe we are made to understand that the keeper matures from the thirties. But Cameroon it is said that from thirty years the footballer is old. It’s a shame! I can not find an explanation for what is happening and I do not try to understand or to dig. All the experts I meet are amazed. What I do do you want? I always say that I am very proud to be a Cameroonian. I was very happy to wear the colours of my country and to defend Cameroon in all competitions when I was invited. Afterwards, if Cameroonian leaders believe that I cannot bring something to this nation, and that there are others better than me, what do you want me to do? ”

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