Kila Jisi

The Normalisation Committee yesterday in the company of some members of the opposing camp meet to determine which general assembly was competent to adopt Fecafoot statutes.

But, many have been speculating on the importance of such a meeting given that the Court for Sports Arbitration, CAS had already made a pronouncement that the 2009 general Assembly was the only competent assembly.

Jules Nyongha is among those who did not find it worthwhile to be associated with a meeting convened to debate the obvious.

Among the members present at the meeting were former candidates for the post of Fecafoot president, Joseph Antoine Bell, Robert Penne and Pierre Batamack.

The meeting concluded as earlier pronounced by the Court of Sports Arbitration that the 2009 slightly modified in 2012 is competent to adopt the statutes of Fecafoot.

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