Franco-Cameroonian, Marie Awona Aurielle,of AS Soyaux has been handed her first cap against Ethiopia.She recently got FIFA clearance to play for Cameroon.
Goal : Ngo Ndom
Defense : Meffometou Falone(12), Manie Christine(02) (Cap) Marie Awona (11), Leuko Yvonne(04)
Midfield: Feudjio Raissa(08) , Ngock Yango(10), Ngo Beleck( 06)
Attack: Akaba Henriette Michele (18), Ngono Manie (09), Aboudi Onguene (7)
Changes from the away leg:
Marie Awona handed first selection, Cathy Buh subsititute
Meffometou Falone substitute scored first goal starts the game in the place of Ejangue Siliki back to club
Ngo Beleck absent in the first leg in line-up replacing Zouga Francine back to club

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