By Etienne Mengnjo Mainimo

The 20th May Avenue in Bafoussam was in full movement as the suspense of who to cross the finished line died down as fans gave a heroic welcome to their winner, Cameroon born Kamzong Abossolo Clovis.

Abossolo Clovis bounced back to wining spirit finishing as the champion of the 3rd lap of the ongoing International Cycling race of Cameroon from Bafoussam to Foumban and back to Bafoussam.

The cyclist from the National Hydrocarbon Cooperation (SNH) Velo Club lived up to expectations as he covered the 139km distance in 3: 37: 21secs earning him a victory in two stages.

So closed at the second and third position was the winner of the 2nd lap, Burkina Faso’s Bintunimana Emile and Ivory Coast Cisse Issiaka coming 6 and 4 seconds behind the first.

Clovis broke away from the group of eight cyclists, who were leading the race 5km to the finishing point did not only received the first prize but an allowance of 150000 FRS from the Hydrocarbon Company.

Kamzong Abossolo Clovis keeps the green jersey for the best individual points gained, the rose jersey for the winner of the lap, the blue jersey for the best Cameroonian youngest rider as well as the most prestigious yellow jersey for the best individual winner of the race.

After three stages, Cameroonian Tekou Foukou Damien and Ngue Ngock Yves Roger are still to create any impact in the race.

While participating clubs go back to the drawing board to see what caused them to fail in the first three stages of the race and fine tune possible ways of winning the remaining five stages, the winner of the Bafoussam – Foumban – Bafoussam lap says he is having confidence that he will keep the yellow jersey right to the end.

This has also been confirm by the commissioner of the race Belgian born Jean Pierre Coppenolle who reiterated that the resistance of Cameroon cyclists as well as those from the Rwandans national team during the 3rd lap tells him that more surprises are on the pipe line.

The SNH Velo Club, the national Team of Burkina Faso and the Rwandan national team were the best leading teams in the 3rd lap. The 4th lap runs from Bafang to Mbanga on Tuesday March 17th 2015 and will cover a distance of 125.2km

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