Kila Jisi

Tombi A Roko Sidiki remains the lone candidate eligible for the post of President of the Cameroon Football Federation.

The other candidates, Jules Nyongha, Robert Penn, Attah Robert, Joseph Bell Antoine, Medande Bridgitte Epse Abdoul Bagui, despite the extension of the deadline could not complete their files.

Initially there were indications that one of the candidates has completed the file as Mebande brought in a receipt certifying the payment of FCFA caution fee of FCFA 2million. But, she was unable to complete her file with the number of required delegates.

Meanwhile, there are rumours that the elections would be postpone but Fifa representatives for the elections are expected in Yaounde tomorrow.

Convocations have been sent out to the delegates and expect government and the federation in collaboration with Fifa emissaries decide otherwise, elections will hold on Saturday.

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