By Basil Afoni
In the last group D game between The Elephants of Ivory Coast and The Lions of Cameroon that took place in Abidjan, the Elephants made a total of at least 71 passes in the last five minutes in their own camp with Cameroon contesting possession on just one occasion.

In the final three minutes of additional time, the ball only crossed into the Cameroon’s half once and was immediately sent back to the Ivorian goalkeeper.

With Cameroon already qualified, playing with a one man deficit and with nothing to lost they remained in their own half.

On their part, taking into consideration that a draw was enough to see the Ivorians safely pick the last Group D ticket, both sides “agreed” not to attack during the final minutes of the game.

It was a complete sham as both sides sat back and played out a draw thereby making African football a subject of ridicule as the ball was passed by the Elephants for almost 5 minutes unopposed.

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