By Basil Afoni
Going to Cote d’Ivoire with nothing to lose after picking the first group D ticket for AFCON 2015, ten men Indomitable Lions were able to hold The Elephants to end the International football season unbeaten in six games.
The final Group D clash between The Elephants of Cote d’Ivoire and The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon which many has term as Africa’s greatest game, however lack the momentum many have expected to see from both sides.

One will have expected the Elephants to put on their best show to get the one point they so much needed, they however killed the tempo of the game. The Elephants saw few of their chances stopped by Lions keeper, Ondoua. They only played a more offensive game for 15 minutes after lions’ skipper Stephane Mbia received a red card in the 58th minute.

Noticing that they could not break the lions defense line, they decided to play on their own camp while the lions watch from theirs.
The draw meant that the lions who are currently enjoying a youthful revolution have gone six games unbeaten and sat comfortably at the pole with 14 points from six matches having won four and drawn two.

The lions recent form shows that they have been workmanlike and gritty; the gormless display in the summer is now well and truly a thing of the past.
Meiway begs Lions to grant Elephants victory

Earlier this week, Ivorian artist, Meiway, is reported to have pleaded with the lions while in a concert in Germany to let his country grab the remaining ticket in group D for the AFCON 2015.

Addressing the Cameroonian audience in the Crystal club event room, he for the first time declared with a smile “you Cameroonians, what have we done to you? We Ivorians, what have we done to you?”. He continued: “Cameroonians listen to me. At this time that I speak to you, you have already qualified for the next Africa Nations Cup which will take place in neighboring Equatorial Guinea. The last game of the playoffs is against Ivory Coast. Are you obliged to play? I ask you: is it that you’re forced to play? What have we done? Even if you want to play, put in the reserve”.
He goes further to associate himself with Cameroonians by telling them that he has Cameroonian children.

“Me, I have children with a Bamileke. Since I knew her, I did not hesitate in paying the dowry”, he said. “The two countries in Africa who love themselves the most is Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire. Please let us win. Please. Myself, I am begging you: please”.

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