Kila Jisi

Cameroon international, Joseph Antoine Bell, JAB, the African goalkeeper of all times, has said the Cameroon Football Federation will have more visibility if he is elected.

“I am candidate to provide an alternative choice to the people, a way of giving a tough time to those who want to have a unique candidate”, former player of the Olympic of Marseille stated.

Diagnosing that things have worsened 18 years later, he said, “The federation would have more visibility with Bell at the helm”.

After his first attempt in 1996, Bell says delegates to the upcoming elections should not “vote for crooks, for it is the truth that stands”.

If his candidature is not retained for the elections because he would need to have eight delegates patronise him, Bells warns that something will happen.

Just like the first time when he refused the proposed post of vice-president, he is not ready for a compromise and not ready to stoop low.

“If voted, i would apply the rules and regulations and work with government, organise youth football, build infrastructure and look for sponsors so that government subvention can come as an addition.

“There are a thousand and one reasons to vote for Joseph Antoine Bell, looking at football from every angle, I am the solution. I first spoke about bonuses and where money was going to come to pay the bonuses. When I become president, the problem of bonus would be a thing of the past”.

Jojo as Bell is fondly called hopes to change the thinking that football is the Indomitable Lions to bring divisions, villages and female football to be part of football development.

The two times African Champion in 1984 and 1988 proposed to organise the elite deceived with football training centres and provide a future for the youths whose future is confiscated with no guarantee.

The New Deal team advocates for integrity; respect for rules and norms of the state, the practice of football which he intends complement with international cooperation.

For the RFI and Africa24 consultant, the New Neal Team stands for the return of football and hope giver to young footballers.

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