Kila Jisi

Fecafoot regional elections took place today, hotly contested in some areas while in other elections were smooth.

In Bamenda, Kaba Christopher took over from JB Ndeh who at the last minute decided to stay away and in the Southwest Senator Charles Mbella Moki was reelected president.

Like in the Northwest and Southwest, in the JEAN-JACQUES ZAM was elected in the South, ABBO MOHAMADOU in Adamawa, JOSEPH ESSOFOU in the East, SAMUEL WEMBE in the West, Halim Konate in the North and BOUBAKARI BELLO in the Far North.

Though the atmosphere in the Centre region was not impressive, MVOGO ST. FABIEN was finally elected.

One of the contested elections took place in the Littoral region where elections had to be suspended and reprogrammed for another day.It is not clear if they will hold tomorrow or next Wednesday and some press men indicated.

Meanwhile, those who can be termed victims of the regional elections are Faustin DOMKEU (president of Noblesse of Ndé and New Stars of Douala), Emile ONAMBÉLÉ ZIBI (president of de Tonnerre), Luc ASSAMBA outgoing centre regional president, captain FEUTCHEU (outgoing west regional president ), David MAYEBI (president of footballers’ trade union), Abdourahaman AMADOU (president of Etoile Filante)and Antoine Depadou ESSOMBA EYENGA.

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