By Basil Afoni

During the recent extraordinary general assembly held in Yaounde on Monday, November 3, out of the 37clubs that made up Leagues 1&2, 20 clubs were selected to vote in the upcoming FECAFOOT General Elections billed for November 29, 2014.

It was a difficult day for club presidents as the selection of the 20 clubs was done by voting. The process started with all the 37 clubs involved in the Professional League.

According to the election procedure, regions were given seats based on the number of clubs from each region. For example, in League 1, West, Littoral and Centre with five clubs were given three seats. Northwest and Southwest regions that have two clubs were each allocated a place. The North with two clubs was allocated a place.
In League 2, Center and South together were given two seats. The West had three places to six clubs; the North two places to four clubs and the Northwest and Southwest for a place for all three clubs.

At the end of the voting process, out of the 17 clubs in League 1, 12 elected, while in League 2, out of the 18 clubs, 8 were elected.

Complete List of Clubs Voted
League 1

1. Canon of Yaoundé
2. Renaissance of Ngoumou
3. Apejes of Mfou
4. Coton Sport of Garoua
5. Njalla Quan Sports Academy, NQSA
6. DAC 2000
7. Astres of Douala
8. Union of Douala
9. Yong Sport Academy,YOSA
10. Unisport of Bafang
11. Panthère of Ndé
12. Sable of Batié
League 2
1. Aigle Royal of Menoua
2. Botafogo of Douala
3. Dynamo of Douala
4. Dragon of Yaoundé
5. Colombe of Dja and Lobo
6. University of Ngaoundere
7. Panthere Security
8. Ngoketundja

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