Basil Afoni- As part of preparations for the African Nations Cup 2019, 36 training stadiums will be constructed in some big cities in Cameroon, excluding Bamenda.
According to information released by the Secretary General of the Cameroon Football Federation, Tombi à Roko Sidiki, 36 training stadiums will be constructed in Cameroon: seven in Yaounde and its surroundings, seven in Douala, six in the West Region, six in Southwest (Buea and Limbe) and six in Garoua.
Tombi à Roko made the revelation during a seminar on the procedures of acquiring CAF licenses that took place in Douala, with Club Presidents of the Cameroon Professional League of Football, LPFC.
It is rather funny that a Region like Northwest which is home to some big clubs in Cameroon football and also home to three clubs in the Professional League, will be deprived of such a facility like the training stadium.
Cameroonians are, however, asking why most of these stadiums will be constructed in big cities where development has already taken place; whereas places like the Northwest where development is mostly needed are sidelined.
Defending the choice of the Federation, Tombi à Roko said these sports facilities should be in or close to the cities chosen to host the Africa Cup of Nations 2019, including Yaounde, Douala, Bafoussam, Garoua and Limbe.
In another revelation, the SG said that there is another project in the pipeline that will allow the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education to build stadiums of proximity throughout the national territory. These infrastructures will first emerge in all the capitals of the Regions before spreading into the 58 divisions of Cameroon.
Many Cameroonians will be hoping to see that all these projects are realised and not to end at the level of paperwork as it has always been the case.

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