Kila Jisi

The coach of the Cameroon national women’s team, Enow Ngachu says the last group game against Ghana is going to be tough.

After two victories could we say the match against Ghana is a let go, how are you preparing that match?
It is going to be a very tough game and let go, no, especially because we started winning and so far we have been having very positive signs. It won’t be good if we fail against Ghana. It would be bad for the moral if we lose the game. We are trying to put together the best team so that at the end of the day Cameroon would emerge victorious.

We see spirit in the team, focus and the players are holding on, what is the secret?
You know they are women, there is need to discuss we them all the time, at times relax like we had a concert last evening. They were happy, they distracted themselves. They know why they are here; some of them are professionals and have been talking with the younger ones. It is another positive sign. Hopefully everything will be right till the end of the competition.

You showed a mastery of the Algerian team as demonstrated in the field of play, does that hold sway for the Ghanaian team?
Let just wait and see tomorrow’s game, we have started working on the positioning and some game plan. But, at times when you put up a game plan it can work, if it works it is good, but we are ready to adapt to any situation.

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