By Lionel Tchoungui Bidzogo

Some fans of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon have expressed lack of satisfaction with the October 11 performance of the lions against the Sierra Leone squad. On the streets like on social media platforms, many fans hold that the output of the Lions in this game wasn’t up to expectation.

After the Lubumbashi and Yaounde outings, which saw a rejuvenated lions squad trampling on their opponents many fans across the globe had outwritten the Sierra Leone side. Pre-match prognostics predicted a vultures banquet for the Cameroon side. After 90 minutes of play, heightened expectations and the pre-match euphoria had died down.

The first minutes of the match saw a rather relaxed Cameroon team trying to collectively break through the Sierra Leone defense wall. After over 13 minutes of play, the Lions “magic boy”, Clinton Njie would brave the defensive obstacle but would be intercepted by Sierra Leone defenders.

That would be the first of many such occasions shared by both teams throughout the time of play. Sierra Leone showed proof of a lot of confidence in their style of play, despite the apparent ‘stigma’ characterised by a series of restrictions and health checks which they may have been subjected to before the encounter for fear of the Ebola virus.

Sports analyst Nsonyi Amstrong holds that “ the lions kept a low profile. I am totally disappointed. Sierra Leone is in crisis for crying out loud. We should have made use of the opportunity which we had today.”

Making an appraisal of the game, South Korean based Abie George says “we lacked a creative midfield to give the final ball from the midfield. Defensively we were strong against a side that put up a little threat. Our strikers were not clinical.”

Speaking to after the match, sports reporter Njie Enow Ebai posited that “I think we played good, possessed the ball, pressed from the midfield, created numerous chances but the finishing was very often awful. I was hoping we will win but i am not disappointed.”

Legal mind, Wilfred Atabong on his part was very neutral. His words “as a football fan we shouldn’t get carried away or be too emotional. The team is still at its infancy, we should let Finke continue his rebuilding process. The first steps are positive but we shouldn’t ove expect.”

Today’s line up had a few adjustments with players like Kom Frank and Henri Bedimo Nsame making their first appearances for the rejuvenated squad dubbed ‘new-look lions’. The performance of the young Frank Kom was appreciated by many who watched the match.

In prelude to this match, Lions team captain Stephane Mbia had predicted this match as one which wasn’t going to be easy for the Lions. The Sierra Leone players had expressed a lot of zeal to do every thing within their reach to make sure the Lions do not emerge victorious in the course of the encounter.

Both teams have taken the rendezvous for Yaounde come October 14. The encounter comes at a time when expectations are plenty from the squad which continues projecting many a star. New stars in the likes of Clinton Njie and Fabrice Ondoa Ebogo.

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