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Hudu is a popular name in the Northwest regional championship and in Bui division with Kumbo Strikers.

Lukong Hudu Fonyuy is the full name of this striker who has scored 17 goals in the regional league, credited with nine goals in the Cup of Cameroon and who says he would give his best to ensure his club moves up to League II.

“I have to take Kumbo strikers to League II and I believe in God for goals”.

Feeling in good company with his teammates, Hudu who speaks confidently in pigin says,”If Kumbo does not climb to League II, i will remain with the team. I love the club, they are my people and I will stick to them. If I qualify the team for Division Two, I can now go to Congo, he told lions4life in Douala last Sunday.

Hudu started playing at 16 for Kumbo Strikers, went for a test match in Congo but came back on the advice of his manager that it was better to prepare at home.

The star striker thinks big, while he is eying the national team, he wants to play for Liverpool. He says the national team is great and he can play like Clinton Njie who scored a brace in the Indomitable Lions 4-1 defeat against Ivory Coast.

Dynamo of Douala came from behind to led 1-0 in the first half and defeat Kumbo Strikers 2-1 as Hudu squandered more than four scoring chances.

Coach, Eward Lailam who happened to have meet Hudu in the inter-quarter competition, describes him as a goal getting who has speed and needs only polishing for the future.

Edward Lailam

Edward Lailam

Despite losing in the away leg, Kumbo strikers knows Dynamo has a good team but have promised to disgrace them in kumbo during the return leg, defensive midfielder, Julius Gam whose idols are Steven Gerald and Alexandre Song as idols says.

Captain, Felix Fonyuy Mbimbe says the competition has been tough and the duel against dynamo was not easy, but he is confident the team would go through the 1/8 finals.

He says the force of Kumbo Strikers lies in their collectiveness, one spirit and togetherness, the source of strength to forge ahead.

Kumbo Strikers had a tough time with Sahel of Maroua but kept the fire of repeating the feat of their predecessor in 2000 burning hoping to lift the cup.

Finishing third in the regional league Kumbo strikers has booked a space at the regional inter-pools and dreams of climbing to League Two.

The team from upland clashed with experienced teams of the League Two but have gone so far in the competition thanks to the young players the coach had been working with for the past three years.

Discipline seems to be the greatest force of the team with players who enjoy playing though naïve faults remain to be corrected.

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