By special envoy: Ekwe Jack Kingue

Pic1 interviews the mother of Clinton Mua NJIE aka ‘Presido!’

Lions4life: Good-day Madam: Can you tell us about the debut of your son, NJIE Clinton?

Mama Emilia: I am NJUMA Emilia the mother of Njie Clinton. When he was very young he started playing football with older and bigger boys in the quarter and that made us to know that he loves football. It came up to the time when late coach TABI took him to top cup and he was so outstanding during that competition. It was during this competition that “Les Brasseries du Cameroon”, selected him as one of the best players. He was then admitted into the Brasseries school and we were given just one week to prepare him with things listed on the prospectus of the Brasseries Football School. It wasn’t easy financially but we were able to manage things so that he can start the program at the football school.

Do you remember what year this was?

Mama Emilia: Not really, but we are talking about something like 5 years ago. So when they gave us just one week to buy his things, it was so embarrassing because we didn’t have the means. However, by God’s grace, we were able to borrow things from different people so as to enable him to attend the Brasseries Football Academy.

After sending him off to the Brasseries school, what was the way forward?

Mama Emilia: At the Brasseries school he did just two years instead of three. And he was sent to France for a test match, but before going to France he had been selected in the junior lions, where he participated in most of the qualification matches, there after he finally went to France where he was finally selected.

At this level what was your expectation?

Mama Emilia: I knew my son loves football, I just prayed that by the grace of God, he should achieve his objectives and get to the highest possible level he can. We are glad he has reached this level and to be honest, we were not really expecting it within this short period of time and we really do thank God so immensely for this.

How did you feel the first day you learned that your son has been called up to play for the indomitable lions?

Mama Emilia: Hmmmm wonderful! I was so happy because it was our wish that one day he would come and defend the national colors.

Your son is fast making a name with the lions and this is also making you popular as his mother, how do manage this new found fame?

Mama Emilia: Em! It’s normal, that when you have somebody who is so popular, you have many friends and this makes many people who did not know you to not only know you but come even closer to you and things like that. It is not easy, but I am happy because I didn’t know that one day I will become a center of attraction, so big to being solicited by media men and women so often: It is God’s will!

If you have a wish what will that be?

Mama Emilia: I wish that God should take care and continue to bless their talents (lions) to keep up the good work they have shown in the last two games and that the older players in the team would continue to encourage this young generation.

Lions4life: Thank you mum for talking to

Mama Emilia: Thank you! The pleasure is mine.


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