Kila Jisi

Following the Fifa September ranking, Cameroon has made a great leap forward gaining 12 places to be classified at the 42nd place.

The recent good form of the Lions, winning the first two Nations Cup qualifier matches against DR Congo 2-0 and 4-1 against Ivory Coast must have contributed to the ranking.

But, Cameroon still remains behind the best African football nation, Ivory Coast that losts its position to Algeria in the September ranking.

Cameroon also progressed in the African ranking gaining eight places to be among the ten best African countries.

1 Algeria (20th)

2. Ivory Coast (22nd)

3. Tunisia (31st)

4. Ghana (33rd)

5. Senegal (36th)

6. Nigeria (37th)

7. Cape-Verde (41st)

8. Cameroon (42nd)

9. Guinea (48th)

10. Burkina Faso (48th )

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