Lion’s captain, Stephane Mbia, FC Seville midfielder, says the most important thing for the team is to focus on the match against DR Congo. In his new role as team captain, he says the mentality of the young players is good for team discipline. Prior to the team’s departure to FR Congo, Mbia who played for Olympic of Marseille before moving to Queens Park Ranger and to Seville on loan and finally settling this season with the club answered questions from

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What are you telling the players who were at the World Cup to lift their spirits to face the next stage?
The first thing is for everybody to focus on the next game and for the country it is very important, we will try to do our best. Everything is good and we are having a good mentality, everybody looking forward to the game. We are all going to try to play together to produce the best result.

How well do you know the Congolese team?
They have good players, but we also have some promising young players who can make the best for the next game.

You are used to playing twice a week in your club, but is it different a challenge playing back-back matches in Africa with traveling involved?
It is important to focus on the game, make the best during the training sessions and see what will happen. We have young players and we want to work together and make the best for the country.

What is the atmosphere like in the team?
Very good, the young players have a good mentality which is good. As the manager says, such a mentality is good for team discipline and in the pitch everything is good.

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