Kila Jisi

The U-20 lions started training this morning in South Africa ahead of their return leg qualifier match of the 2015 African Youth Championship against the Amajita this week-end.

In the first leg, the two sides pulled a 1-1 tie thus complicating things for the lions. But, the junior Lions are upbeat to qualifier for Senegal 2015 though they know the Amajita would put up a stiff fight.

During the training in the cold breeze and radiant sun at the Kempton Park stadium, head coach Aboubakar Soulemanou insisted on the need for solidarity in the group, the Team Press Officer, Albert Njie Mbonde, states.

If the players apply the instructions of the coach in the field, playing as a team and correcting the lapses in the first game, they would be heading for a win and qualification.

Meanwhile, from the pictures taken as the players went to train, the mood could be gleaned as positively contaminating with players cracking jokes and laughing heartily. The team leaves this evening for Polokwane where the match would be played.

U-20 on their way to train

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