Kila Jisi

Samuel Eto’o Fils was not only dropped from the Nations Cup qualifier squad, but the captain band has also been retrieved.

Many seem to interpret the move to be related to causes of the 2014 World Cup debacle though the results of President Biya’s recommended investigation have not yet been made public.

The Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Adoum Garoua appointed a new captain and assistants.

Stephane Mbia Etoundi now inherits the captain band from Samuel Eto’o Fils who led the national team since 2010.

Nicolas Nkoulou and Enoh Eyong though part of the Nations Cup qualifier team are no longer vice captains.Instead, Choupo-Moting and and Aboubakar Vincent are now vice captains.

Regional Balance Neglected

In 2009, when Paul Marie Le Guen took over as head coach he crowned Eto’o captain to the surprise of many who expected Song to retire before the bad was handed to the next person.

Former Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Michel Zoah conscious of regional balance appointed two vice captains, Enoh Eyong and Nicolas Nkoulou.

Notwithstanding, there is a problem with the change of vice captains which may bring new conflict in the team.

The crisis witnessed in 2010 in the Lions dens in 2010 was partly due to the retrieval of the captain band from Song to Eto’o.

Instead of dropping Song from the squad he was maintained to watch his younger brother captain the team and this led to the disastrous showing at the 2010 World Cup due to internal fights.

If government decided to change the vice captains, they should have been left out of the team as is the case with Eto’o Fils.

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