Kila Jisi

Fifa representative, Primo Covaro has said, “You can have the best law in the world but if you don’t have the correct mind to implement it, it won’t work”.

He was part of Fecafoot general assembly that held over the week-end in Yaoundé.

However, he said, “We think with the statutes there will be less room for crisis, it would lessen crisis but then, it is a question of the mind-set of the people, if you want war, the war will take place”.

One of the problems that led to crisis at the federation was article 4 on specialised commissions and 5 concerning people nominated by the executive committee as delegates.

The new statutes correspond to standard Fifa is promoting, a process that Fifa is implemented in the world. Since last year there is an obligation for all member countries to adopt statutes in conformity with Fifa statutes, Corvaro said.

He expressed satisfaction at the mode of the elections which he said was very positive, no aggressiveness though people defended their “interests”, but accepted what was proposed.

“We have taken into account suggestions, the first text we proposed 3 delegates, now the texts adopted has five delegates”.

Fifa was worried that by giving five delegates to the regions balance would be compromised, because Fifa says you should not have one actors of football prevailing over the others because of majority rule.

There are three kinds of actors, amateurs representing the regions, professional, clubs and groups of interests, referees, coaches. The number of delegates would now move from the proposed 72 to 92 delegates.

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