Kila Jisi

The General Assembly of the Cameroon Football Federation, Fecafoot has adopted the new statutes that will serve as the guiding principles.

The statutes were adopted today in the presence of Fifa and CAF representatives, Primo Carvaro and Prosper Abega.

The new statutes stipulate that five delegates would represent their regions, modified form three proposed by Fifa who would now form the members to the future general assembly.

Also, in a situation where the president is a Francophone, one of the three vice presidents would have to be an Anglophone.

Another innovation is the clarification of relations with government that would play their role of tutor and observer, without interfering and intervening in Fecafoot.

A place of pride is now given to supporters; amateur football would be represented at the level of the general assembly and executive committee.

On the occasion, Joseph Owona refuted allegations that the electoral code has been tailored to one particular candidate, Tombi A Roko Sidiki. He said the code was for all the candidates.

An independent technical secretariat with magistrates to ensure impartiality has been put up for the elections.

Owona said the Normalisation Committee transformed to the Electoral Commission would implement the electoral code to the letter.

Deep, sincere and fruitful debates led to an understanding of the realities of Cameroon football and strong and ample negotiations, he stated.

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