Kila Jisi

Tonnerre Kalara Club, TKC today trashed Njalla Quan 4-1 in a late day 24 match played at the Amadou Ahidjo Stadium without spectators.

But, the team from the other side of the Mungo considered the defeat as one of those bad days and promise to make adjustments and bounce back.

Canon was able to score their four goals in the first half thanks to Junior Atemengue who was very lucid in front of the goals, taking advantage of the lapses in Njalla Quans backyard.

The second half was goalless as both teams made frantic attempts to increase scores in vain.

At the end of the encounter, TKC Coach, Dieudonne Nke spoke to “This is the start of the second leg of the championship and we can only be satisfied, snatching three points is important though players lacked lucidity in the second half. They tried to play at the rhythm of the opponents”.


With their present standing in the league table, TCK cannot boost of gunning for the top spot, as Nke says, “At this point, we are not aiming for the title, but to come out of the trouble waters and maintain our performance”.

The Canon-TKC regional duel on Thursday promises to be interesting and Nke thinks it is going to be another match to win. “I am confident and serene”, he said.

Njalla Quan Goalkeeper Coach,Joseph Alisi maintained that the there was a problem with the defenders at the left flank from where the balls leaked into the goal.


“We have to rectify this before the next game and still try to maintain our position in the league standing.

This is just an away match, and we still have our chances intact, Njalla Quan is pursing the objective of being among the first five by the end of the season,he declared.

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