Kila Jisi

Many Cameroonians expected Finke to resign after the failed World Cup but he intends to stay on to the end of his two year contract.

“In my contract it is two years and I had an immediate objective to qualification the team for the World Cup and secondly in the long term qualification for the African Nations Cup”.

Special guest during the World Cup finals between Argentina and Germany on the national television, Finke showed an outburst on what can be termed the Cameroon poor organizational style.

Comparing Cameroon and Germany, he said the wives of players and families were in the stadium during the finals contrary to the situation that obtained in the Cameroon Camp in Vitoria.

There was a cacophony around the families of players as it was not clear who had to transport them to the different stadia in Brazil so most watched the games from their hotels.

“There was need to ensure that the players are happy, for them to concentrate on playing football.

“The organisation for the player’s families in Vitoria was a bit chaotic and players had to be calling, is it possible or not, is there a flight, like this, it does work, excuse me”, Finke regretted.

To him, invited guests and the federation president do not lodge in the same hotel as the players and take the same flight to the stadium.

Finke he had to stop the delegation from taking the special flight assigned to the team and which serve as means of transport for the delegation.

When asked what changed with the German team that played the friendly against Cameroon for them to win the World Cup, Finke said, “ it is the spirit of Cameroon, why is it that the Cameroon team changed after the game in Germany”, he quizzed?

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