Pointed as one of the main culprits for the defeat of Cameroon at the 2014 world and the poor image returned by the Lions, Samuel Eto’o is not spared by his countrymen since his return from the Brazil.

Faced with a campaign “anti-Eto’o”, his fans have decided to react. If there is one of the rare personalities in the world of football who does not leave indifferent, it is Samuel Eto’o.

Adored by some, poison for others, the Cameroonian international is still talked about everywhere he goes. Taken by a grippe by part of Cameroon since the fiasco of the indomitable Lions at the 2014 World Cup, the 33-year-old player always still counts many supporters in Cameroon.

While the image of the captain of the selection is tarnished by the media repeatedly of a woman who is said to be an ex-girlfriend or better still the case of the confiscation of his passport, without any confirmation of the veracity of this information until now, the former Chelsea striker saw his fans embark on a project of establishment of posters with his image in the city of Yaoundé.

Posters in large format of Eto’o with the flag of Cameroon on the shoulders and a legend unequivocally: “They have a short memory.”

All with palmers of Eto’o and club selection, then the most virulent detractors call for his sidelining in the selection in order to put an end to his hand-placing on the Group and some choice of Coach Volker Finke.

Action by his supporters hailed by the person concerned, even if he does not approved so far. “I learned that fans paste posters on my behalf lately in Yaoundé, on behalf of radio.” I want to thank them, he began in a message from his Facebook page, before continuing:”but I think that contrary to the message of the posters, Cameroonian do not have a short memory. After the World Cup we just witnessed, it would be wise to let time do its work and do not engage in this kind of propaganda and controversy.”

Controversy quickly extinguished by grubbing-up in rules of the posters on the order of local authorities for “disturbances of public order.”

Away from all these considerations, Eto’o has already turned the Brazil page since in the wake of his being the Quadruple best African player in history he wants to marry the mother of his two children, Georgette Tra Lou, he has requested in marriage during his holidays in Abidjan.

Signs that his passport is probably not was confiscated.


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