By Leocadia Bongben In Rio de Janeiro

A campaign to push for the development of women football is setting the stage to steal the show as the 2014 World Cup in Brazil gets to the quarter finals.

And there is no better place to present the marginalisation of women’s football than in Rio de Janeiro at the Parque das Ruinas where Discover Football a German NGO gears up to coordinate its campaign for women’s rights through football from July 3-7.

Discover Football advocates for a world in which girls and women can do sports without discrimination, as such, the campaign is based on the rationale that the teams taking part at the 2014 World Cup have one thing in common.

That is, “Women’s football plays a subordinate role in their countries and is subject to prejudice. Women’s struggle to play football reflects the social conflict around gender roles and women’s rights”.

However, there is an amelioration in that playing football; women have begun to conquer social space traditionally used by men. Women therefore, are now challenging their society’s gender order and opening new and diverse paths for girls and women in life.

It is against this background that the international campaign brought to Brazil football activists and journalists to present their case to the global audience.

The campaign hopes to raise awareness on the situation of girls and women in football; strengthen women’s commitment in football by enabling international exchange.

Lots of activities are scheduled during the campaign, such as presentations on women’s rights, football and empowerment, special programme for girls, public events and discussion panels among others.

Two Cameroonians are part of the ten selected for the campaign which is in its second edition and has enlisted support from the German Federal Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Interior.

Discover Football has won several awards and their work recognised by the UN Special Advisor on Sports for Development and Peace, Mr. Willi Lemke.

As committed football enthusiast, Discover Football uses sports as a tool for women empowerment and promotion of intellectual understanding through conference and tournaments.

This enables girls and women to build skills and share knowledge that serves as a spark plug to autonomy, mobility and power.

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