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Former footballers who for the past 20 years have been strange bedfellows have decided to bury the hatched and work for the reconstruction of thanks to the conciliatory move made by the Lions captain, Samuel Eto’o Fils.

Eto’o Fils has contributed to reconcile former lions not on talking terms and whose relationship had so far been tensed, coincidentally on the eve of the failed World Cup in Brazil.

Roger Milla who was not on talking terms with Stephen Tataw and Maboang Kessack in the company of Joseph Antoine Bell, Michel Kaham and Emmanuel Mve meet with the Eto’o in his suit at the tenth floor of the Hilton Hotel on Wednesday June 26.

One of the participants at the meeting said former players on the spoke without restriction on the problems that held back their collaboration and decided it was time to move forward.

“It was the first time in years that we came together, Tataw and Milla or i and Milla”.

“We asked why should we kill ourselves when we can work for our football? We have to come together to talk with one voice, but not to take over the federation”, Maboang said.

After their meeting, former players came up with a terse release.

“Following the 2014 World Cup debacle in Brazil, former players have decided to put in place a structure to enable them exchange ideas and propose measures to redress Cameroon football.

Signed by Roger Milla, Stephen Tataw, Maboang kessack, Michel Kaham, and Joseph Antoine Bell, the release indicates that “conclusions of their discussions would be channeled to the appropriate quarters at the right time”.

However, many would wonder how the captain, said to be at the centre of poor relationship in the national team could be spark plug of reconciliation within the former Lions.

Many are still wondering what the ulterior motive behind such an initiative could be or is Eto’o also thinking of retiring from football.

Though Maboang says the association of former footballers is not to take over the federation, it should be mentioned that former players have always decried their absence from football management.

Many see in this a move to position the association ahead of the upcoming elections at Fecafoot.

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