strong>Kila Jisi In Vitoria, Brazil

Most visitors to Brazil at this period of the year when the weather is warm would surely savour the Brazilian mode as they watch games in the stadium.

The Ministry of Women Empowerment would be scandalised if the dressing code in Brazil were to be adopted in Cameroon.

The best dressing for women here is shorts. Slim, fat, tall or short, old or young women and girls all go in shorts.

Gowns do not sell here at this period of the year and there are also much of the DVD (dos-ventre-dehor), back and stomach outside blouses, but is it interesting that when the belly is out, there is a diamond hanging on the navel.

In a fishermen party that took place in Vitoria opposite Golden Tulip Hotel the whole town was there women dressed in shorts. There was food drinks and dance and we got some shorts for you.


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