Kila Jisi In Vitoria, Brazil

A Brazilian lady whose name is Norma, who is said to be a nurse has been one of the hottest topics for the press in Vitoria.

In an interview to ‘Tribuna A’ Norma narrates how she found her prince charming already with other ladies, she did her best to keep the guy who is a journalist Cameroon to herself.

Then, she spent blissful days with the guy in a Kiosk opposite Comfort Hotel, as one of the journalists brought to Brazil by the Federation, he could not go to matches and spent his time emotionally with Norma.

The separation was really painful as the lady clung to the guy for most part of the last day and night but Angolan Airways that took different types of person to Vitoria had to leave with the guy.

Norma has been selling her Romantic story to the press and has said she would be going to Cameroon to look for her prince charming.

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