Kila Jisi in Vitoria, Brazil

Two Franco-Cameroonians, Paul Eric Emery and Koum Ngangue Louis sneaked out of their hotel Golden Tulip Hotel in Vitoria without paying and this may cost the job of one of the waiters.

The two friends came to the hotel on the same day as Madame Songo’o, the wife of the goalkeeper trainer, Jacques Songo.

They took advantage of the fact that the bills of Songo’s wife were taken care of by Fecafoot to indicate that they were part of the Cameroon delegation under Fecafoot.

By the time she was leaving the hotel, they stealthily mixed their bags with hers and also left without the hotel noticing.

It was only days later when the Cameroon delegation had left that the hotel noticed these two did not come back to the hotel and the search led to the sums they had not paid.

They left the hotel with an unpaid bill of 3445.92 RS about FCFA 535,000 for Paul Emery Eric’s and koum Ngangue 2415 RS about FCFA 527 275, a total of about FCFA 1million.

It should be noted that some journalists still lodged at the hotel who work for got the details of the bills from the hotel and their passports.

The hotel administration has given the waiter who registered these dubious persons until Wednesday to find a solution to the problem or lose her job.

It is interesting to note that when these two persons left Golden Tulip Hotel they came to a cheap unpopular place called Camburi, near Comfort Hotel where the Cameroon delegation and this reporter was lodged.

Being one of the last persons in the Hotel, this reporter found them at dinner and snapped some pictures calling them the liquidation committee. They came in that evening and ate normally as there was a buffet prepared that day for the delegation.

The following day they had break-fast and came again for lunch claiming the contract with the federation had to end that day June 25 and provided names of people lodged in the such as Francois Omam to be served.

But, they were unfortunate to arrive in the evening and were presented bills if they had to eat because the federation has paid for all the extras, anybody eating then had to pay for the food.

This is how these two have dragged the image of both Cameroon and France in the mud.

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