Kila Jisi In Vitoria, Brazil

Fight In The Hotel
Not only the players showed improper behaviour in the field of play like Alexandre Song , Assou Ekotto , Moukandjo and Allan Nyom. In one of the hotels, Bristol Four Towers some persons also created a scene with rowdy quarrelling and a fight. The problem started from a Cameroonian who was said to have been beating his ‘wife’ and another went to tell him to stop bullying his wife. This aggravated issues as discussion between husband and wife turned sour. The jealous man told the wife that she has been constantly seen in the company of men at launched. The angry wife blamed the man who asked her husband to stop bullying her. An entangled story, because another person got into the story and attacked this man for peddling false information about the lady, and this dragged to some personal issues that happened long ago. But this story ended up in a fight and this reporter had to quickly leaving the scene and would prefer to withhold the names of those involved.

Coulibali The Lions Mascot
The Malian, Coulibali who has been painting himself in Cameroon national colours, green, red, yellow to encourage the national team decided to be asking money to almost everybody in the Cameroon delegation. Not that he did not have money, but could not count and spent carelessly. He was unfortunate to have taken 50RS about FCFA 12,000 from a Cameroon not a member of the delegation, Anne Marie. Promising to return the money shortly, he disappeared and started avoiding the lady. But, when she saw him, he said he had no money and had packed all his money in his bag which was sent to the plane already. He started searching for money around and brought 500euros for the woman to change and when told to look for change himself and give back only 50 RS, he disappeared and never came back.

Choupo’s Father Refused From Boarding Lions Plane
Choupo Moting’s father was not allowed to board the Lions plane for the match against Brazil in Brasilia and he had no option but to buy his flight ticket to go to the game. Though this is part of the poor organisation that Cameroon brought to the World Cup, many in the delegation know he is a parsimonious person. As the son’s manager, he does not want to spend money even to go encourage his own son during matches and wait to be transported as was the case for the match against Mexico. He would eat with people and not even dare offer them anything and complained about taxi fare. When the Lions were given money in Yaoundé after the strike, he refused to take because it was a Sunday and there was no bank for him to keep the money.

Bachelor Only For Ten Minutes
The hottest place in Vitoria is called, ‘Pagoi D’Alloie’. The distance from Vitoria is compared to the distance from Yaoundé to Boumnyebel. There, a man is only a bachelor for ten minutes and after that gets married for the time passed in this area and some Cameroonians found themselves having lots of fun. The most beautiful girls, slim and cute as if selected are here with live samba being played and serious dancing and beer, the adventurers narrate. These Cameroonian guys have made plans to visits Pagoi d’Alloie again because they made a mistake the first time. They went there with other girls in their company who did not allow them to cast a second look, let alone talk to other girls. This time around they would go without a lady’s company. Negotiations are ongoing for a reporter to follow them  on the next trip but, they are afraid this will spoil their plans.

Taking Extra’s signing On Others Names
While Cameroonians benefited from an accord between the State of Espirito Santos and for free hotel and feeding some unscrupulous persons deiced to get room service, drinks and food then sign it up on other people’s names. Jean Manga Onguene, Direction of the Fecafoot National Technical Centre was a one of the victims. When checking out of Comfort Hotel he discovered someone had signed using a fake signature under his room for extras. Angered by this behaviour he came out to show whoever was there to see the fake signature.

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