Kila Jisi In Victoria, Brazil

In the disorder that characterized the Cameroon delegation to the World Cup, some Fecafoot regional presidents, ten of them from the regions brought to Vitoria, Brazil could not watch a single match.

Some wondered aloud to this reporter why they were brought all the way from Cameroon to watch games on TV visibly angry for not going to the stadium for as single match.

They regretted that as the people to provide the delegates for the up-coming elections, it is not fair that they are mistreated.

Some tried to engage others for a strike action in vain while others are even nursing the idea of resigning when they get home.

However, these regional presidents do not decry the FCFA 2million allegedly given to them by the football federation and a blissful holiday in the seaside town of Vitoria.

As many have noted, this is a campaign strategy to pull regional presidents on the side of the federation and those who want to perpetuate their stay at Fecafoot.

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