Kila Jisi In Vitoria, Brazil

Though the domitable (Indomitable) like stealing guilty dogs gummed their tails behind to leave the World Cup, with nine goals conceded and only one scored, behind the scene the delegation was suffocating with pains of poor organisation.

That many watched the match from their hotel rooms due to budgetary stress is no-longer news, but the fact that some members of the delegation lacked stadium tickets is deplorable.

The Post learnt that the tickets bought online for FCFA 45,000 found their way to the ‘black market’ where they are sold for about 300 RS, above FCFA 100,000.

Some members of the delegation who were among the privileged to be transported to watch the match in one of the three cities were only informed late in the night that they were to travel. Then, they would get to the match city without tickets and still watch the match on TV.

Jean Claude Biok, a business-man who has been living in Brazil for the past 13 years maintained that his kind of organisation stained and tarnished Cameroon’s image.

“We are so ashamed and disappointed with the organisers. The team was playing in a country like Brazil with a big Cameroon community without supporters”.

“Where are the tickets meant for Cameroon? I call on the government to sweep away the so called Normalisation Committee of the Fecafoot”.

He maintains that if a country like Cameroon has not been progressing in football for the past 24 years it is due to poor organisation.

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