Kila Jisi In Vitoria, Brazil

The Lions have finally scored a goal as they crash out of the World Cup, defeated 4-1 by Brazil in their last game in Brasilia.

Though Finke’s boys started the game well, they soon were overwhelmed by the tactical and technical play style of the Brazilian national team with Neyemar opening scores at the 17 minute because Itandje was simple not attentive.

Matip reduced scores some minutes later but not for long as Neyemar again increased tally at the 35th minute of the game.

The Brazilians continued mounting pressure and this paid off in with Fred chasing in the third goal.

Many Cameroonians are of the opinion that Charles Itanje is not a real goalkeeper given that he has not been able to catch more that one shot always pushing his balls out.

But it should be noted that refereeing is more bias, with more Cameroon players sanctioned and Brazilian allowed to play on.

Then Fernardihno sealed the deal for Cameroon to fall like a pack of cards 4-1.And Fifa did not need to worry that Cameroon was going to sell its match because the team does not even function.

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