Kila Jisi in Vitoria

Following the training last evening and press conference, Jean II Makoun who came to the World Cup with an injury seems set to play against Brazil.

He trained with the team and told the press that the game against Brazil would be very difficult because the Brazilians have the pressure to make an early difference to qualify for the next round.

he said against Mexico and players watched videos but in the field it was difficult to position against the 3 5 2 system and so the players spent a lot of time running behind the ball and not rivaling the opponents.

Against Croatia the team played a balance game in the first half until reduced to 10 and making things very difficult, he said.

previewing the match against Brazil, he said the group has some days to watch video. “Brazil would have pressure to score and make a difference early in the game since they are playing at home”

It would now depend on us to play a good match and come out head high even if we are already eliminated from the competition.

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