Kila Jisi In Vitoria, Brazil

Alexandre Song following his fault and consequent red card during the game against Croatia, has publicly asked Cameroonians to forgive him.

Though Song is known for brutality having openly attacked a journalists during the African Nations Cup in Angola in 2010, he Song says violence is not in his character.

Here is Song’s speech, “if i have come here, it is because of the events that took place some days ago, i have already apologized to the group and my teammates because this is an act that has nothing to do with football.

I know myself,i am not a problematic player or one who commits such acts. It was a shocking thing and not an example, people want to see good football and i know i made a big mess, an act that cost us three points because if we had remained 11 in the field we would have still done something.

“I apologize for this act which is not part of my character and to Cameroonians, if i were to take back the action i would have done so in a manner that would project the best image and values of Cameroon.

“Unfortunately my action has projected a bad image of Cameroon,this is why i made it a point to apologize to Cameroonians because i have children and when i called them, they were really disappointed.

I am expected to show a good example but i failed, and i hope God and Cameroonians will forgive me and hope to show a good image from now on, play good football and give pleasure to the world.

“I take responsibility for my actions, we have a good team, but i messed-up everything”.

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