Kila Jisi In Manaus, Brazil

Alexandre Song in a statement has apologized for being the cause of the team’s woeful defeat and early sack from the World Cup with yet a match to go.

The statement reads:

“I’m very sad at the moment as I feel I have let my country and myself down,” said Song.

“It was a stupid moment and I’m truly sorry. If I could do anything to take it back I would. Please forgive me.”

Song on the spur of the moment during the Cameroon-Croatia 0-4 defeat, hit an opponent in the field with his elbow and was sent out of the field with a red card.

His action herald the beginning of team’s woes and humiliation of defeat and shameful behaviour suffered by Cameroonians.

Many internet geniuses since then have designed the FC Barcelone player with all sorts of weapons behind the Croat Mandzukic.

Some have named him the new champion of the Cameroon Boxing Federation and others say he should be radiated from the team.

But, will Cameroonians forgive Song so soon?

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