Kila Jisi, Arena Amazonia, Manaus, Brazil

The Indomitable Lions though laminated by Croatia 4-0, had to serve poor behaviour to the world at the Arena Amazonia Stadium yesterday.

It was a like a drama at the end of the encounter, Benjamin Moukanjo and Assou Ekotto had to come to blows in front of cameras sending out images to the whole world.

As if the red card was not enough damage already, with Song trying to axe a player straight on the back in the field Assou Ekotto and Benjamin Moukanjo had to add salt to the injury.

Why would two players in the same team come to blows after such a chaotic match?

The reason can only be found in the division that has taken toll of the team and could be perceived in the stadium with Moukanjo in his individualistic and selfish play, not passing balls to his mates.

This is an indication of the coach’s inability to instil discipline in his group due to the fact that there are some super players in the team.

Unruly behavior is the one thing that can happened to a bunch of dogs with no psychologists in the team to teach them how to manage stress and unforeseen circumstances.

But, this is also a depiction of the Cameroon football setting and disorder already in the Cameroon delegation.

If the Sports Minister and Fecafoot Transition President had to openly exchange insults what do we expect of the players?

In 2010 many Cameroonians said it was time to chase away the group and start with a new team, but nothing was done.

Iya Mohammed was chased instead as the thorn in the flesh of football, but today, events have proven the contrary.

This time again, there is need to start a team from the scratch.

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