Kila Jisi In Manaus, Brazil

Would Samuel Eto’o Fils play or not, this is the question that would only be answered during the game against Croatia today.

Though everybody knows that Eto’o has a knee injury he brought to the World Cup from his club, there has been so much speculation about his availability in the field of play.

After playing the first match against Mexico, Eto’o is again the Centre of attraction as to whether he would be available against Croatia or not.

Though he had earlier wrote on his Facebook that he was not going to be available and the the battle on why he took it on himself to make such declarations has been on, Dr. Boubakary Sidiki and William Ngatchou have said the coach would decide if Eto’o would play or not.

A note from the TPO reads that the coach would decide after the results of the IRM would be presented to him to either include Eto’o in the line-up or not.

But during the press conference, there is every indication that Eto’o may feature as substitute.

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