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Ahead of the Croatia-Cameroon encounter, Volker Finke, Cameroon Coach has said the decision to put Joel Matip on the bench during the 1-0 match against Mexico was a difficult decision to make.

After playing three warm-up games as key player, many were surprised to see one of the players considered to be very technical and playing a vital role in the defense on the reserve bench.

Answering as to why Matip was on the reserve bench, Finke said,”The decision to put Joel Matip on the bench for me was a difficult one, as you know we are all Germans, he had a good preparation.

“He plays well and is a good player, I discussed with him on certain issues though some little issues, but it is necessary to make a key player substitute and it is possible to have at least 18 players who can feature in the line-up.

“There is also a situation in which the coach decides that for a given match that a key player is substitute, but it is possible Matip would play tomorrow”.

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