Kila Jisi In Manaus, Brazil

The Lions captain, Samuel Eto’o Fils has said he will reveal the names of those who are trying to destabilize the Indomitable Lions to the Head of State, after the World Cup.

When asked who these people are, Cameroonians, foreigners, Eto’o said, “I have to protect my group as captain from stories and attack, i would not give in to blackmail and after the World Cup, these people should be ready, i will talk, and use the same justice, for the things to be cleared and for the president to know what is happening.

He made the declaration to the press in answer to media reports that he was seen with an ex-girlfriend in the hotel among other issues ahead of the Lions crucial game against Croatia tomorrow in Manaus.

Eto’o said he would have loved to give his deepest thoughts, but for him, the most important thing is the match against Croatia and that the World Cup should not end so early for Cameroon as many wish”.

“But be assured that all those who attacked me, after the World Cup, i will get back to them and give names of those who are behind some stories going around for Cameroonians to know who loves or does not love this country”.

“I can be attacked personally, they can say whatever they want, i don’t care”.

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  1. Manu says:

    Eto’o u r right. Some people have noticed how emotional you can be and are using it to their advantage. They dont want you to concentrate and bring glory to this country

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