Kila Jisi in Manaus, Brazil

Adoum-Owona In Open War
The Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Adoum Garoua and Fecafoot Transition President, Joseph Owona almost came to fist fight in Vitoria after openly exchanging insults sources present revealed. They could not agree on who is footing what bill. Since each side wants to stack as much money as possible, none of them wants to foot the bills. It is this vein that the Minister was chased away from the Golden Tulip Hotel where he was first lodged offered by the City of Vitoria. He had to move out to lodge at Quality Hotel in Vitoria. Though there are allegations that he left the hotel because it was too expensive for him to pay since he took and suit instead of the luxury room he was allocated and had to cough out additional money to make up for the required amount for the suit.

Watch The World Cup On TV In Vitoria
Since the Cameroon delegation arrived in Vitoria some of the members have not been able to go for a single match, the reason being the high cost of transportation. Some were just taken along to Vitoria with no money and all they do is wine and dine and watch the match on TV with gossip to go along. Thanks to the mayor of the City of Vitoria, the delegation is eating and sleeping well as they have rooms and food available.

Long Distances, High Cost Of Transportation, Lodging
Covering the World Cup is a challenge as journalists have to move for long distances to cover matches. Moving from Vitoria to Manaus by flight is about 5 hours for about FCFA 250,000 and they need to move from Vitoria to Manaus and Brasilia. A journalist would not spend less that FCFA 500,000 on flights to cover the three matches for Cameroon. Taxi fare in the towns is also exorbitant, paying as much as FCFA 20,000 for taxi for one point to the other in town. Lodging is not left out as a night in a cheap hotel is about FCFA 35,000 and for the high standing from about FCFA 100,000 per night. This is the reason some journalists who found themselves in the special flight to Brazil have not been able to cover a single match.

Did Jean Lambert Nang Get Money Meant For Private Press?
There are allegations that one of the directors at the Ministry of Communication, Jean Lambert Nang has taken money meant for the press to his personal account. The Ministry of Communication provided the National Radio and TV, and the national daily, Cameroon Tribune money for the World Cup coverage and so it is alleged that a certain amount was reserved for the private press. But this money has simply disappeared and journalists are wondering if the Ministry of Communication only asked them to deposit their accreditation to help them validate a budget for the pockets.

No Brazilian Mesh
Most women who know Brazil have associated this vast and lovely country with the long slick hair known as Brazilian mesh. But, most women would be disappointed to see their loved ones and family members return after the World Cup without this precious commodity. The price many say is even more expensive than in Cameroon when it can be spotted. So, messages have been sent back for the ladies not to expect Brazilian mesh. Instead there are beautiful Brazilian girls to be admired with their long hair and the advice has been to try China for Brazilian mesh not Brazil.

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