Kila Jisi in Vitoria

There seems to be a discord between Samuel Eto’o and the Team Press Officer, TPO Raphael Nkoa brewing in the horizon.

While Samuel declared in his tweet that he is not going to be available for game against Croatia, the TPO has sent in a note to the press saying the captain took it upon himself to make the declaration while the team doctor still had reservations.

He reminded the press that the captain arrived at the training in Austria already sick from the club and had to be preserved during the two matches against Macedonia and Paraguay.

Raphael noted that during the training ahead of the opening match, Samuel had to be on personal exercises and to take on himself to talk about his form is noted, he emphasized.

It can be gleaned from Nkoa’s note that the press should only take the correct information from the TPO and not that of the player.

Many have been quick note that relations between Eto’o and Nkoa have turned sour. These two have been working together and Nkoa has been one of the privileged persons to fly in with Eto’o in his private jet.

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