Pierre Lechantre, former Cameroon coach (1998-2001), did not like the performance of the Indomitable Lions, beaten by Mexico in Natal Friday (0-1). And he did not understand the attitude of Volker Finke.

Jeune Afrique: How do you explain this failed start by Lions against Mexico?

Pierre Lechantre: It is difficult to understand. I saw a lot of matches in Cameroon in recent years, but this is probably the first view I also see it disappointing. The organization of Mexico (3-5-2) has embarrassed very quickly. Cameroonians were deprived of the ball. Volker Finke should change its game system quickly.

He did not, he did it timidly late in the game, when it was too late.

Did he have the means to change the organization?

Of course! Against Mexican system, Finke could align two strikers as Webo and Abubakar, and place Eto’o just behind them. I do not have either included some of his choices: for example, Moukandjo seemed a bit tight. I observed Finke, and he seemed lost almost amorphous. I felt he relied on an individual feat Eto’o or another to expect something. There was no game background, envy …

Can Cameroon recover from it quickly?

This team is capable of anything. They lost against Mexico logically and must beat Croatia (June18), which will not be easy. Physically, the Lions were dominated, although it is home to a strong point. It will probably change some things if the Lions still hope for something in this World Cup…
Source: Jeune Afrique

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