By Basil Afoni
After the shocking defeat in the hands of the El Tri of Mexico, Cameroonians back at home believed that all hope in making it to the next round is gone. However, to the players, it was just a battle there lost as the war is still going on. Some lions’ players spoke to various media organs expressing their feelings after the game.
Volker Finke: It is a Shame!!
“I think the opportunities are on both sides. That is why it is a shame! This is something that deserves a little bit … and that is why we are here, it is clear. I think for the first three minutes, we had a lot of difficulties, but increasingly, they believed in this game, we had opportunities, which is why it’s a shame. Volker Finke Globo TV, Brazil’s national television.

To him, there is still reason to believe, despite the false start of the competition: “We must prepare for the next game, and it’s not lost,” Finke said positively.
Benjamin Moukandjo: A draw would have been more logical.
The player, whom many Cameroonians counted on but he failed to shine, said he would have preferred a draw.
“It was difficult. We always have the balls to lose a game. A draw would have been more logical. You lose three points and we are now behind in the race for qualification, but there are two big games. If we want to win, we will have to create more opportunities. Today, we tried to wait, proceed by counter attacking: it worked pretty well when we did it. We had some interesting situations. We will try to fix what did not work to show another face against Croatia. All is not finished.” Hopeful Moukandjo told L’

Eyong Enoh: We must win the next game to get back in the race for qualification.
Croatia, it will be a tough match. They will be even more aggressive than Mexico. But do not expect, it is only the first game. It was very important to start with a good result, it is not the case. But nothing is impossible. We must think about the future. “Enoh told L’

Stéphane Mbia : Our System failed us
We thought they were going to wait a bit but it did not work. Our group is still, it has nothing to do with the problems of 2010. This is why we need to win the next game to get back in the race for qualification. Mbia sounded promisingly

Samuel Eto’o : All was not negative
The Cameroon skipper sounded Samuel Eto’o s analyzed their failure by being optimistic.

“We expected more back in the competition, we are a little disappointed. We had a positive yet but God had other … We must now think about what next match against Croatia that will determine our future. Like them, we need a win.
“Football has shown us that it does not have an exact science. It will not be easy but we will prepare and keep away what happened behind us. We came with the intention of making a correct match and win. That was not the case but we must look ahead and say that we are in the same situation as Croatia. This is the only way to give hope before facing Brazil. We must also see the positive things. We have the capacity to win against all teams.

The Mexicans where playing with another system, a 3-5-2 that was difficult for us. We tried to rectify the second half. We still afforded opportunities and it is important to stay positive, as I said. All was not negative either facing a great team of Mexico. We know what we have left to do. “Eto’o told L’equipe

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