At a press conference this afternoon in Natal, the captain of the Mexican team held a press conference to praise the players of the Indomitable Lions mainly for speed.
However, he emphasize that the team, though rapid, can be quickly overwhelmed and tactically disorganized.
The Mexicans will definitely play an attacking game against the lions as their captain says it’s essential to start the game providing full pressure.

Rafa Márquez stressed the importance of a victory for their debut against Cameroon on Friday at the Arena das Dunas de Natal.

“What I believe, in fact, is that they have studied many of our games and many of them know me. I know some players in their squad. I know that their greatest strength is speed and that is why we should be aware of. It is very important to begin. This is our priority. We know that we will leave everything on the field to get a good result, “says the captain.

Rafa Márquez also believes that Cameroon has a weakness in the output area and he and his teammates account cause “wear the opponent.”

He believes they have a quality group, with the integration of world champions under 17 medalists and winner of the last Olympic Games. They also have a technical committee that listens to players. The group is very united. They showed a lot of maturity and are aware that they can make history.

When asked whether they have an obligation to win because they have the largest number of supporters, he said: “Yes I have the experience of playing in the other world and I hear stories of Mexicans who make great efforts to come see us. And yes, we feel a responsibility to give the best to give them joy. We must fight for our jersey. If we get a good result, it will be very fine. ”

In terms of the experience of playing a World Cup, it ensures that “we must make the most of this opportunity. It is a showcase. This is a great opportunity for all players.”

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